For electric power transmission - SEL-421 distance and directional overcurrent protection relay; 
SEL-311C distance protection relay; 
SEL-311L line current differential relay; 
SEL-387L Line current differential relay; 
SEL-451 Directional overcurrent relay; 
SEL-351 directional overcurrent relay;

SEL-451 Directional overcurrent relay

Two three-phase analogue current inputs, two three-phase analogue voltage inputs, 4 levels for instantaneous directional overcurrent protection (of phase, of negative sequence and residual current).

Releu maximal directional SEL-451 SEL-451 - Directional overcurrent relay
Description of SEL-451 overcurrent relay

  • two three-phase analogue current inputs
  • two three-phase analogue voltage inputs
  • 4 levels for instantaneous directional overcurrent protection (of phase, of negative sequence and residual current)
  • 4 levels for directional time-overcurrent protection (of phase, of negative sequence and residual current)
  • torque control capability for overcurrent elements
  • 6 levels for time-overcurrent protection with 10 predefined characteristics (phase currents, negative sequence, residual current)
  • three directional elements for earth faults
    • negative-sequence voltage-polarized directional element
    • zero-sequence voltage-polarized directional element
    •  zero-sequence current-polarized directional element
  • Best Choice Ground Directional Element to select the best direction element for ground faults
  • Switch on to fault protection (SOTF)
  • breaker failure protection
  • communications-assisted tripping schemes: POTT, DCUB, DCB, PUTT, DUTT, DUT
  • the relay can be used for one or two breaker schemes
  • Auto-reclosing function with synchronism check even for two breakers schemes
  • 6 independent settings groups
  • fault locator based on the data recorded during the fault occurrence
  • it can acquire temperature from resistive sensors using SEL-2600A RTD module
  • breaker wear and station DC battery monitoring
  • distinct zones for programming the protection and automation functions
  • 7 binary inputs and 7 programmable relay outputs + 1 alarm output
  • up to 2 optional DI/DO boards in different configurations: eg: 8 DI/15 DO, 24 DI/8 DO etc.
  • The maximal configuration has 55 binary inputs and 24 programmable relay outputs with Expanded SELogic® control equations for better programming the relay (it includes logical functions that can have as elements digital input, digital outputs, relay word bits, timed or instantaneous logical variables and arithmetical functions etc.)
  • event recorder with maximum length of 5 seconds (up to 15 seconds of recordings saved into the non-volatile memory); selectable sample rate up to 8 kHz
  • programmable sequential events recorder with up to 1000 lines saved into the non-volatile memory
  • front panel with LCD display (very big display with graphical possibilities)
  • up to 12 buttons on the front panel and 24 configurable LEDs
  • optional, Bay Control Unit in SEL-451-4 model
  • watchdog functions
  • 250 lines for programming Expanded SELogic® protection functions and 10 blocks of 100 lines for automation functions
  • set up your own protection functions beside those included into the relay firmware, they are treated with the same priority like those existing in the relay. Meantime the automation function are treated with low priority
  • DNP3, IEC61850 communication protocols
  • it has extension slots in which you ca add, when ordering or after, hardware modules with Ethernet communication and support for Telnet, FTP and especially IEC 61850 protocol
  • PMCU functions (Phasor Measurement Control Unit) included for development of synchro-phasor measurement systems
  • 4 EIA-232 serial communication ports  
Altele din categoria For electric power transmission:- SEL-421 Distance and directional overcurrent protection relay - Five distance protection zones for phase-to-phase and ground-to-phase faults with Mho characteristic for phase-to-phase faults and Mho and quadrilateral characteristics for ground-to-phase faults. - SEL-311C distance protection relay - Coming soon.- SEL-311L Line current differential protection relay - SEL-311L is almost an identical relay with SEL-311C having the same distance protection, phase-to-phase and ground-to-phase overcurrent protection or reclosing automation and as a plus powerful line current differential protection functions.- SEL-387L Line current differential relay - SEL-387L is a dedicated line differential protection relay with just one protection function, line differential. It doesn’t have any support for distance or overcurrent and ground-overcurrent protection functions (included in SEL-311L), but it’s an economical alternative when the line differential protection is mandatory, doubled by teleprotection.- SEL-351 directional overcurrent relay - SEL-351 directional overcurrent relay offers protection against: phase, negative-sequence, residual-ground and neutral-ground fault.- SEL-451 Directional overcurrent relay

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