Monitoring devices and energy quality analyzers - Monitoring devices and energy quality analyzers

ION 6200

ION 6200 has a large and luminous display, easy to read. It also has the possibility of interconnecting with a PC through an RS 485 port.

ION 6200 ION 6200

ION 6200 provides the following basic measurements:

·         Import active energy

·         Export active energy

·         Import reactive energy

·         Export reactive energy

·         Apparent energy

Besides these basic measurements, ION 6200 is additionally measuring:

·         3 phase currents and average current

·         3 phase / line voltages and average voltage

·         Active, reactive, apparent power per each phase

·         Power factor per each phase

·         Current or voltage harmonics

·         Neutral current

·         Power and current average values
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