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Gas Volume Converter CORUS (PTZ)

For each FLUXI 2000 TZ and DELTA meters, correction according to pressure, temperature and compressibility factor (meaning the transformation in real volume of consumed gas) is made with the gas volume converter CORUS (PTZ).

Corector electronic de volum de gaz tip CORUS (PTZ) Gas volume converter CORUS (PTZ)

General Technical Data

·         Pressure measurement range: 0,9 – 80 bar

·         Maximum measurement error:

o        For pressure sensor: ±0,3%

o        For temperature sensor: ±0,1%

o        For correction coefficient: ±0,3% (la 20oC)

·         Operation conditions:

o        Environment temperature: -25 to +55oC

o        Gas temperature: -40 to +70oC

·         Internal battery autonomy: 5 years

·         Pressure transducer: PTZ

·         Temperature transducer: PT 1000 (class A, 4 wires)

·         Correction coefficient calculation according to: AGANX19, AGANX19 amended, S-CERG, AGA8, Table Z

·         Cable connexions type: F 4114-60

·         Data storage period: 8 years

·         Lifetime: minimum 16 years.


Measurement principle

The gas meter is measuring an unconverted volume (VM) in certain specific pressure and temperature conditions. This volume is converted into a real volume (VB), corresponding to reference (base) pressure and temperature conditions, as following:
VB = VM x TBT x P\PB x ZB\Z = VM x C
VB = converted volume in the reference conditions (m3)
VM = unconverted volume registered by the meter (m3)

TB = reference (base) temperature (273,15 K or 288,15 K in most of the cases) (0oC = 273,15 K)
T = absolute gas temperature in measurement conditions

P = absolute gas pressure (bar)
PB = absolute reference pressure (1,01325 bar)
ZB = compressibility factor in reference conditions
Z = gas compressibility factor in measurement conditions

C = correction factor

Therefore, CORUS converter performs this correction and instantaneously displays the corrected volume: VB (m3).


Periodical recording of 6 main logs:

·         Hourly log: last 1.440 hours (2 months)

·         Daily log: last 124 days (4 months)

·         Monthly log: last 24 months

·         Event log: last 800

·         Parameter log: last 200 records

·         Interval log:

o        from 3100 to 5900 records, according to selected data

o        interval programmable, from 1 to 60 minutes

Programming and index data are stored on an EPROM non-volatile memory, protected against voltage breakdowns.



·         environment temperature: -25 to +55oC

·         gas temperature: -40 to +70oC

·         Sealing degree: IP 64

·         Installation in dangerous areas EEX ia II BT 4 (LCIE 91, 06170X)

·         Electromagnetic compatibility according to OIML R16 international recommendations 

Volume conversion accuracy

According to EN12405, the correction factor accuracy is higher than 0,5%, in reference conditions and higher than 1% in operation conditions

Instantaneous display

·         Unconverted volume

·         Converted volume

·         Converted flow

·         Pressure

·         Gas temperature

·         Compressibility factor

·         Conversion factor

·         Alarm codes

·         Programming possibility, without needing an optic reader

Power supply

·         Specific supply, with a 19A.h lithium battery pack, encapsulated according to ANTIEX prescriptions

·         Battery can be changed in hazardous EX areas, without interrupting the normal operation of the device

·         5 years internal autonomy, in normal operation conditions


2 digital, isolated outputs, which can be programmed as:

·         Unconverted volume pulse transmission

·         Converted volume pulse retransmission

·         Alarm retransmission

·         4/20 mA output (through an external F/I "Ex" module)

Metrological approvals

·         BRML model approval no. 096/2004

·         DISTRIGAZ technical agreement no. M08/1999

·         According to EN12405

·         CE Marking according to 89/336/CE (EMC) and 94/9/CE (ATEX)

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