Professionalism. Performance. Passion. Integrity. Innovation. Respect.

Together we succeed through Professionalism, Performance, Passion, Integrity, Innovation, Respect!

At EnergoBit, the strategy is quite simple: special people are encouraged to make their dreams come true.
We believe in performing work that brings satisfaction, a pleasant environment and that type of creativity which occurs only when talented people from different fields of activity approach the issues from various perspectives.
And no matter if you work at our headquarters in Cluj-Napoca, in our subsidiaries in Bucharest, Brasov, Bacau, Constanta, Craiova, Timisoara or in the plant in Jibou, we are sure that EnergoBit is the right place where you can aim for a good career.

Maintaining the company at the top is a challenge that implies a continuous development as a company and as a team.
Therefore, we have established and put into practice reliable human resources policies, EnergoBit’s main aim being the professional and personal development according to our core values such as Professionalism, Performance, Passion, Integrity, Innovation, Respect.

People are the most important resource of the company, and therefore we invest in their development and constant improvement. Human resources are the key to our success!



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