Studies and Design

We deliver the design and execution required in the development of power system investments:

  • Feasibility pre-feasibility studies, including a technical-economical comparative analysis of the solutions
  • Solution studies for the connection to the National Power Grid
  • Technical documentation for building permit and approvals
  • Technical design and tender documents
  • Execution details and execution works
  • Project management
  • Technical assistance during execution and commissioning, on-site consultancy

EnergoBit offers a complete solution for the design of 400-220-110-20-0.4 kV power substations, transformer substations and power lines in new projects, as well as in the refurbishment of old ones.

This is offered through the Solution Design division of the company, which boasts the services of one of the most experienced professionals in the market.
We cover all phases in developing complex projects (wind farms, PV farms, hydroelectric power plants):

  • Solution studies for integrating new power projects
    in the National Energy System
  • (Pre) Feasibility Studies
    with/without obtaining the legal permits specified in urban planning certificates
  • Technical Design and Technical Specifications
  • Technical Documentation
    for obtaining various permits (building permit, dismantling or organizational permits)
  • Execution details
  • Technical Documentation
    for the post-completion period of the project (As Built)
  • Technical support during execution, specialized consultancy, general project management, etc.

An important tool in modeling, analyzing and designing electrical systems is the Paladin Design Base software, which provides excellent accuracy and guarantees the project’s success. This software is renowned worldwide and we are the exclusive distributor in Romania.

The software has an extensive database, containing information about electrical equipment from the leading manufacturers.
The most used Paladin Design Base Modules and methods of analysis are:

  • Power flow analysis
  • Short-circuit analysis
  • Protection coordination
  • Power system optimization
  • Calculations of the reactive power requirements for wind and PV farms
  • Harmonics and transient stability analysis

Our team has designed electrical installations (LV, MV and HV) for main energy transport operators, for distribution operators and also for other private customers:

  • Over 45 solution studies, the vast majority with complex system analysis, for renewable energy producers – approx. 400 MW in wind farm projects and approx. 200 MW in photovoltaic projects
  • Technical documentation in various phases of design for over 40 wind farms with a total power of approx. 4.000 MW and for over 10 photovoltaic farms with a total power of approx. 200 MW
  • Calculations of reactive power requirements for over 30 wind and photovoltaic farms

Reference projects

LES 20kV deviation and electrical power growth for George Enescu International Airport Bacau
Electrical Installations in Destination Change: Siderurgical Hall in Production Hall for SC. GreenWEEE International SA

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