Preventive and corrective maintenance
(Low Voltage – Medium Voltage – High Voltage)

The quality services we provide, our reliability in completing contracts as the main contractor in complex electrical installations enable EnergoBit to be the perfect partner even after the completion of each project.

We focus on predicting and preventing faults, as well as avoiding material damage and the subsequent risk of personal injury to personnel. Corrective maintenance involves ongoing repairs, interventions and the establishment of new controls that are carried out following events (damages) that may occur in electrical installations.

Corrective maintenance involves the following works:

  • Repair works of increased complexity
    which, without modifying the original technology, allow the restoration of installations’ technical state and efficiency
  • Repair works on the power equipment, carried out in shops
    in order to maintain or restore their availability, viability and safety during operation
  • Land clearing works
    in order to keep clear the safety corridors required by the power installations
  • Repair works which have become necessary following certain incidents or malfunctions
    in order to restore the functionality of the power installations and ensure the supply of electricity to the consumers
  • Non-scheduled maintenance works of a wider scope
    following out of the ordinary calamities or weather phenomena

Our maintenance operators can determine the degree of wear and tear, spot excess load events, evaluate potential manufacture flaws that can occur only after certain periods of use, identify failures caused by improper construction or assembly and problems related to the sizing of particular equipment or components.

We can also execute all the operations of use and service, based on written records, in compliance with the Management Regulation and with the General Operation Regulations.

These services are carried out entirely by our skilled employees, experienced in the field of electrical transformer plant operations.


Reference projects

LV, MV and HV electrical distribution grid maintenance including transformer stations and substations for Distributie Oltenia
MV and LV electrical distribution grid maintenance for Enel

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