Turnkey Service for Renewable Projects

Following the trends in the energetic field, EnergoBit has permanently developed its range of activities. The company`s business strategy and objectives are aligned to the new technologies and to the latest generation of power equipment, pursuing the most effective ways.

EnergoBit joined the renewable energy market in 2008 as one of the “pioneers” of this field in Romania, being among the first companies to take over and complete wind farm projects.

EnergoBit’s wide variety of experience in renewables is exemplified by wind, solar and micro hydro projects delivered to sustain a safe and reliable future. The competencies our company identifies with as general contractor for renewable energy projects are the following:

  • Supply, installation and commissioning of electrical generation equipment
  • Execution of internal power network in wind and photovoltaic plants
  • Civil works for wind farms, solar and small hydropower projects
  • Communication networks for wind farms, solar parks and small hydropower projects
  • Power substations for collecting and converting the energy produced in the wind turbines or in the PV plant
  • Power networks (underground or overhead) for the connection to the distribution and transmission grid

EnergoBit has been involved in renewable projects of more than 2,000MW. Only in wind farms, our company installed:

  • 465 different types of turbines connected to the grid
  • 24 transformer substations
  • 1,556 km of 20 kV and 30 kV cable
  • 269 km of high voltage lines
  • 1,194 km of fiber optic cable

The extensive number of contracts concluded for major wind farms and photovoltaic projects in Romania represents the dynamic that built and continuously reconfirmed EnergoBit`s reputation as one of the major players in this field.

As an outstanding reference, we mention EnergoBit’s involvement as a general contractor for the electrical work in Fântânele Wind Park, the largest ground wind park in Europe (Fântânele, Dobrogea) with a 600 MW capacity.

EnergoBit has thus become the most important provider of design and execution services for electrical works in wind and photovoltaic farms across Romania.

Reference projects

Ucea Photovoltaic Park
Miroslava Photovoltaic Park

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