Turn Key service for HV substation and power lines

EnergoBit develops projects in the electrical power services market, in Romania and abroad, delivering the entire energy chain from generation, transmission and distribution to the end user, the consumer, with a voltage from 0.4 kV to 400 kV. We want our customers to consider us their only point of contact for electrical power as we can provide turnkey solutions entirely customized to their needs.

EnergoBit’s experience related to High Voltage solutions together with ELM Electromontaj Cluj experience in the field of energy operations, enable the construction of: Power substations, overhead and underground lines and the refurbishing of the existing 400/220/110/20 kV power substation equipment for the transport and distribution operators, as well as for customers from other fields of activity. ELM Electromontaj Cluj played an important part in the construction of the National Power Grid in Romania and installed among the first high voltage power lines in the country, in the region of Transylvania.

The work related to power substations is an area where EnergoBit gained an impressive know-how, both in terms of building or modernizing them. In about 15 years, since starting such works, we have commissioned about 60 complex projects for 400/220/110/20 kV power substations, fulfilling all the specific requirements demanded by the transport and distribution operators, or other industrial customers.

Reference projects

Gădălin Power Substation for C.N.T.E.E. TRANSELECTRICA

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