We start with energy audits (required by clients), for the evaluation of the present situation and the calculation of energy performance indicators. EnergoBit is authorized to provide regulated complex energy audits for all industries.

After performing an energy audit, we easily identify customer needs, and give the client a holistic approach. Based on the skills and products/services offered by EnergoBit, we can offer the best overall energy solutions exactly fitting the needs of the client in an optimal economical and technical report.

The Energy Audit can impact or generate:

  • Installation of efficient public or industrial lighting
    with LED technology
  • The automatization of industrial processes
    by using more efficient motors and frequency converters
  • Improving the power factor
    with capacitor banks
  • Improving power distribution networks
    in order to reduce losses
  • Monitoring, controlling and managing
    the energy consumption using tele-management systems
  • Managing intelligent buildings
    using BMS (Building Management System)
  • Upgrading heat or steam plants
    by implementing Cogeneration (CHP) or Trigeneration solutions
  • Recovering heat
    from fuel gases for large industrial consumers

Feasibility studies – for the evaluation of possible solutions to increase the system’s performance, economic and technical appraisal of the investment-generated savings and payback period in order to recommend the energy efficiency implementation scenario.

Design – elaboration of the design works based on the feasibility study prepared and according to the proposed technologies and equipment specifications.

Projects authorization and project management – offering support to obtain all permits and authorization needed, and also offering support and project management services for the implementation.

Reference projects

Audit and Consultancy for ROMBAT SA, Bistrița, România
Audit and Consultancy for Tarnita and Gilau water supply sytem

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