Dispatching and operation of power substation

EnergoBit developed its unique power installation maintenance services in addition to its main activity of building turnkey electrical installations and systems. Thus, we can now offer the complete range of solutions for electrical power.

The expertise of almost three decades in electrical engineering and grid operations and the variety of projects managed and completed successfully recommend EnergoBit as being the most experienced and competent provider on the market, promising proficient management of the maintenance function, delivering modern and competitive solutions tailored to the client’s specifications.

The maintenance operations carried out involve a complex and continuous activity, based on the following:

  • Electric power stations and transformer stations
    (0.4 kV – 750 kV)
  • Regular works of technical supervision:
    controls, adjustments, measurements, trials, troubleshooting
  • Routine maintenance works,
    scheduled repair of worn out components appropriate to the technical state of the installations

The maintenance works performed for distribution operators, in order to restore the availability, viability and safety of use of the latest power equipment and installations, represent a point of reference in EnergoBit’s activity.

EnergoBit has specialized personnel and the specific assets to perform regular control works and minor routine maintenance for the 110/20 kV transformer stations. Our customers attain both a significant reduction of costs and an increase in service quality, providing a higher level of safety in their power installations.

The experience we have acquired in the construction of various electrical installations, our diversified range of electrical equipment utilized during operations from the best suppliers and our specifically trained personnel are vital and necessary assets when taking over the electrical maintenance and operation services of electrical plants. We also provide maintenance operations for high voltage substations of 400/110 kV, 110/33 kV, and medium voltage (MV): 33 kV or 20 kV power grids, as well as MV switchgears.

Reference projects

High and Medium voltage electrical installations for Park Lake Commercial Centre, Bucharest
Dispatching and Operation – 110/30 kV Stejaru Substation for SC Ecoenergia SRL

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