About us

Who we are

We are a competitive, strong and trustworthy company in the sector of major electrical energy players. Our company developed its activity driven by responsibility, top level performance, elegance and professional values and ethics. After almost three decades, EnergoBit has remained an elite business partner, highly appreciated by customers, suppliers and the community.

EnergoBit represents the story behind electricity, proposing and offering a full range of services such as energy audit and technical design, production of electrical equipment (low and medium voltage), general contracting, maintenance and operation services. The company develops projects in the energy services market, in Romania and abroad, delivering innovative and sustainable energy solutions, designed to meet customers` specific needs.

We have national coverage, ensuring our presence in some of the country`s largest cities. We now operate in two production units, in Cluj-Napoca and Jibou, having 16 offices throughout the country and over 700 employees, out of which 250 engineers.

Our business is also mirrored through other six companies: ELM Electromontaj Cluj, EnergoBit Control Systems, EnergoBitTavrida, Energolux, EnergoBit Transformers, Enex that cover several activities in the energy field.

The people behind the company are EnergoBit`s most valuable asset. We are a team of highly trained professionals, with an open minded attitude and the will to find the best solution in electricity. We respect, trust and value our employees because they make the difference. In a challenging global market, with a constantly growth trend, our ability to innovate, our agility and flexibility are compulsory.

With an impressive experience in the energy field, we have become more proficient, more involved and more determined to offer the best energy solutions for all our customers. For us, every successful project becomes a part of who we are.

Empower us to achieve together innovative, efficient and responsible projects!

Our mission

Our mission

is to remain a leading business partner, appreciated by our clients and suppliers, and also by the community, for delivering top solutions in the electro-energetic field
Our vision

Our vision

is to make energy more reliable, more economic and environmentally friendly

Our Values


Delivering high quality products and services in a reliable and responsible way with strong focus on customers` needs.


Creating excellence by offering our creativity and commitment to success.


Believing that success is the result of our responsibility and hard work, passion is the core of everything we achieve.


Cultivating the idea of a transparent business by practicing the highest ethical standards


Constantly making changes and looking to innovate, aligning our products and services to the latest efficiency requirements


Promoting a culture based on mutual trust and respect

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