110 kV, 20 kV and 0.4 kV, electrical networks relocation, Sebeș – Turda Highway, Lot 3 Romania

Specific works for the construction of LEA (Overhead Power Line) and LES (Underground Power Line) 110 kV, 20 kV and 0.4 kV: metal pillars and concrete pillars dismantling, active and protective conductor dismantling, insulation dismantling, new foundation execution, execution of new grounding plugs for the new pillars, new pillar mounting, insulation replacement, active conductor replacement, installation of protective conductors and installation of daytime beacons at crossings over the national road and highway, drillings and subtractions with guided drilling in order to protect the 20 kV LES cable according to the documentation PT + CS + DE phase of the work:

  • Relocation/protection of high voltage/medium voltage electrical networks (110 kV/20 kV) affected by the construction of the Sebes-Turda highway lot 3, 41 + 250 – 53 + 650 km
  • 110 kV/20 kV Non-Specified Works (non-electrical nature)
  • Painting of metal parts of LEA 110 kV pillars, deforestation and color openings of power lines, welding, inscriptions, replacing landings; removing objects fallen on LEA conductors, removing nests from the console pillars; removing braces from the concrete pillars to be replaced; mounting beacons, junction boxes to the protective conductor
  • Telecommunication works, fiber optic welding, junction box assembly and others
Client Tirrena Scavi SPA Italy, Cluj
Location Sebes Turda Highway, LOT 3
Type of work On turn-key basis
Voltage level High voltage/Medium voltage
Year of completion 2017

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