Câmpia Turzii 220/110/20 kV Substation modernization


  • In 2009, Transelectrica organized the tender procedure for the 3 phases – FS, TP and CS – for the Câmpia Turzii 220/110/20 kV Substation modernization
  • In 2013, Transelectrica organized the final electronic stage for the assignment of the execution works
  • The work was assigned to the association of the following companies: EnergoBit – leader, Siemens, Retrasib, having a duration of execution of 36 months


  • 220/110 kV – 200 MVA autotransformer installing
  • Replacement of the old primary equipment with high performance equipment with reduced maintenance
  • An integrated and opened command, control and protection system based on the exclusive use of EMS/SCADA numeric equipment has been implemented
  • The system has been parameterized in order to allow its control and supervision from the top hierarchical level through dispatcher control (CT, DET, DEN)
  • The existing scheme with 2 flexible collector bar systems has been preserved, the U-shape bar system 1 around bar system 2
  • 19 cells were connected to the station bars
  • A second 110/20 kV – 25 MVA transformer was installed
  • The works were done in 2 stages
  • The station was made with a single section bar with longitudinal coupling to each semi bar, being connected a 110/20 kV transformer
  • New 20 kV cells were installed in the 20 kV connection body
Client S.C. CNEE Transelectrica SA
Location Câmpia Turzii, Cluj-Napoca
Type of work Modernization
Installed power 220 kV/110 kV/20 kV
Year of completion 2014-2017

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