High, Medium and Low Voltage electrical installations for Vivo Cluj Napoca

Polus Commercial Centre is a regional commercial and entertainment centre, built on the international DN1-E60 road, having been the largest single- floor shopping centre in the country on the day of the opening.

  • The electrical energy supply is realised from their own 16 MVA transformer substation
  • EnergoBit developed the medium voltage distribution system powered by a 110/20 kV transformer substation which consists of 3 transformer substations (one with 3 transformers of 2000 kVA, one with 3 transformers of 1600 kVA and one with one transformer of 2000 kVA)
  • Our company also developed the low voltage distribution system made of the general electrical panels connected to the above-mentioned transformer stations, the secondary electrical panels and capsulated bus-bar systems for the tenants’ electricity supply
  • More than 5000 lighting fixtures were installed
Client ARCADOM KFT general contractor of Polus Commercial Centre
Location DN1 (E60), km 482, Floreşti, Cluj
Type of work Turnkey project
Voltage level Low and Medium voltage
Year of completion 2007

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