Smart City

A definitive explanation of the smart city concept is difficult to be established because of the wide range of technologies applicable and strong interconnections with human and social capitals. Nevertheless, all the stakeholders involved with this concept agree upon its goal: creating a sustainable development and achieving a high quality of life for the citizens.

Relying on our more than 25 years’ experience in the power engineering field and following a natural migration of our concerns as an organization, EnergoBit is determined to assist municipalities in the definition of the concept and integration of various services in the following areas:

  • Big data
  • Intelligent, sustainable buildings
  • Energy production and energy efficiency, including smart grids
  • Gas, electricity and water smart metering
  • Smart water and waste management
  • Real-time locating services and geographic
  • Air quality
  • Smart mobility and intelligent transport

Our team of developers is continuously looking for new solutions and technologies to be delivered to municipalities. Furthermore, our main concern is to provide a one stop shop partner for cities when implementing the smart concept. We aim to offer a seamless integration of the most suitable technologies for them, with the ultimate goal to increase the sustainability level of the community, living standards and reduce costs and environmental footprint.

Reference projects

Street Public Lighting for Turda City Hall
Street Public Lighting for Cristian

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