1813 ultra low losses distribution transformers

This month EnergoBit completed a very important contract for its portfolio – Increasing energy efficiency by replacing old MV/LV power transformers with low loss transformers at FDEE Electrica Distribuţie Transilvania Sud.

The location of the project is represented by the the entire territory served by FDEE Electrica Distribuţie Transilvania Sud and its branches.

The aim of this project was to reduce the power losses in MV/LV transformer stations, older than 30 years old, being in use FDEE Electrica Distribuţie Transilvania Sud.

The work consisted in the manufacture and supply of 1,813 transformers with ultra-low losses for the FDEE Electrica Distribuţie Transilvania Sud transformer substations and the replacement of the old ones. There were used EnergoBit ECO-T oil insulated distribution transformers.

The project also reduced the number of interruptions and their duration by replacing old equipment and components with equipment developed and produced according to the latest technologies, having direct influence on the increase of the quality of electricity distribution and sale.

This important project, the largest for trafo production and the largest in Romania, developed a rapid and easy optimization of production and in the same time represented a challenge for our people involved in this process. The fact that EnergoBit has won and executed this project in term and in accordance with the required standards is a confirmation of the quality of our products and services, of our professionalism, but also the guarantee of our commitment towards all our partners.

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