A new home

The new headquarters of EnergoBit Group from the Industrial Park Tetarom I, Cluj-Napoca has been inaugurated.

In the 15th of November 2007, the new headquarters of EnergoBit Group have been inaugurated, located in the Industrial Park Tetarom I from Cluj-Napoca. The facility built at an A class standard, has been designed to meet the company’s requirements. The total investment reaches 5 millions EURO. A surface of 2800 sqm is dedicated to offices and 3200 sqm to production units.

The headquarters’ inauguration represents a part of an intensive development project, started by EnergoBit Group, with over 370 employees in the entire country. The central offices are in Cluj-Napoca, with subsidiaries in Bucharest, Brasov, Bacau and Constanta and plants in Cluj and Jibou. Energocenter, the new group’s headquarters in the capital city, has been finalized last year, while this year, in Jibou, the unit is , project which will end in 2008.

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