Tips and tricks to be successful at a job interview

Did you know that …?

An employer spends around 25-30 seconds to scan a CV?

Based on this, the employer can decide who is in scope for an interview. You can have all the necessary skills for the job, but if they are not correctly specified in the CV, you might not get the chance to sell them on the interview.

On average, each job vacancy attracts 250 CVs?

Of all the candidates, a maximum of 6 will be called to an interview and only one candidate will get the available job.

Before applying for a job, you have to collect information regarding the company’s activity?

It is important to introduce yourself in the interview with as much information as possible about the company. Before the interview, review your experience and training directly related to the job you are asked to do.

Your resume should be the best example of your work capabilities?

So, in order to build the best resume, you should take into account the following:

  • Make sure you do not have any grammatical or printing errors;
  • Do not lie in your resume (for example, level of knowledge of a foreign language);
  •  Change your objective if it is not well expressed. The advantages have to go both ways when applying for a job;
  • Avoid using first person – it is obvious it’s your resume, not someone else’s;
  • You don’t have to mention your salary expectations in the resume. Discussions about wages take place during the interview;
  • Don’t use unprofessional email address. Create a formal one:;
  • Do not attach a photo unless it is a professional one;

Being on time for the interview is one of the most important aspects?

Do not cause yourself unnecessary stress; try to arrive 5-10 minutes earlier.

Every topic should be addressed at the right time?

Do not start the discussion with questions about salary, bonuses or promotion, all these will be presented to you in a personalized offer.

The employer is not the only one who can ask questions during the interview?

You can also influence the outcome of this process based on the information you request.
Also, it is important to be calm and relaxed during the interview, thus being able to be well organized and prepared to offer the answers and explanations requested by your recruiter.



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