Electricity Storage System for Cobadin Wind Farm

The challenge of the first project to build an electricity storage system in batteries for the Cobadin Wind Farm was successfully completed by EnergoBit. This system is the way in which the wind farm will flatten forecasting differences, of generated electricity. The works having a total value of around 180,000 Euro began in August 2016 and were completed in February this year under the coordination of our colleagues.

The location of the wind energy storage system with batteries, with a capacity of 1.26MW / 1.368MWh, included in the Cobadin wind farm, is located next to the 33/110 kV Cobadin 1 EDPR Station.

The 1,26MW / 1,368MWh electricity storage battery has been mounted in 2 thermally insulated metal containers located on a specially arranged platform near the station. In one of these 2 containers is a 1250kVA, 0.36 / 33kV transformer, which allows the batteries to be connected to the National Power System via a new cell in the transformer station.

EnergoBit achieved the execution details, executed all civil constructions (foundations, fencing, concrete platform, lighting, etc.), supplied and installed the medium voltage cable between the storage system and the Cobadin 1 power station, laid and made the optical fiber cable connection between the Cobadin 1 power station, the BESS container area, between the newly installed communication equipment and the existing equipment, installed the new SIEMENS NXPLUS 36kV connection cell, integrated the new equipment into the existing SCADA station. In addition, EnergoBit installed and connected all the equipment that was part of the container supply (batteries, transformer, inverters, etc.) and performed all the functional tests.

By installing the energy storage facilities in the two containers at the new BESS (Battery Energy Storage System) location, they performed works on adapting the command, control, protection and power system existing in the Cobadin 1 power station.

Being EnergoBit's first storage project, we want to further develop these capabilities in the future, to get involved in as many projects as possible and to find optimal solutions to be able to work fully with our own teams.

Congratulations to the colleagues involved and we hope to have as many achievements as possible!!

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