EnergoBit attends events centred on competition and the business environment

In the beginning of 2018, our Compliance Officer, Mr Mihai Farcas, represented the company at two major events, organised by PricewaterhouseCooper and Pria Events, as well as at a course on the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation.

The conference entitled ‘How to protect and defend your Company from White Collar Crimes?’ was hosted by PricewaterhouseCooper and gathered representatives from the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the Competition Council, the National Office for the Prevention and Control of Money Laundering, the Anti-Fraud Office within the National Tax Administration and from FBI. The conference topics focused on competition-related matters, as well as on legislation affecting criminal law, money laundering regulations and anti-fraud laws.

The second conference—‘Pria Competition’—was organised by Pria Events and embraced discussions and debates about specific competition-related matters, which could affect the areas of public procurement and consumer protection. This event was attended by representatives from the Competition Council, the Public Procurement Agency, the Consumer Protection Agency, the Employers’ Association for the Software and Services Industry, but also by various specialised lawyers.

The course held in February was particularly interesting in light of the fact that EnergoBit’s Compliance Department took over the data protection duties and responsibilities within the company. Our Compliance Officer attended this course on behalf of the company, together with another colleague from the Human Resources Department. In the upcoming period, both colleagues will undertake all required measures in order to effectively and efficiently implement GDPR within EnergoBit.

As of this year, the compliance trainings will also include a section on money laundering and terrorism financing, as well as deliver information concerning the data protection regulations and the rights granted thereunder.

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