EnergoBit ESCO receives 10 million € from EBRD

EnergoBit ESCO has received 10 million € from EBRD for energy projects financing.

The agreement aimed at sustaining energy efficiency projects was concluded between EnergoBit ESCO and EBRD (The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) during an official signing event held on Thursday, the 21st of July, at the Howard Johnson Grand Plaza hotel in Bucharest.  The event took place in the presence of the EBRD officials, the EnergoBit Group shareholders, General Manager, as well as the Executive Manager of EnergoBit ESCO.

The EBRD’ loan to EnergoBit ESCO, a member company within EnergoBit Group, will be used to finance energy efficiency projects, primarily targeting the public sector in Romania, but also the private companies.

The contract provides the opportunities for carrying out projects that could not benefit otherwise of financial resources, such as public lighting projects, based on energy efficiency principles, power consumption efficiency projects for buildings and industrial facilities or combined heat and electric energy generation.

EnergoBit ESCO will propose to its beneficiaries a collaboration by way of which the energy efficiency measures that are being implemented do not incur any costs, as the initial investment by the ESCO Company is to be recovered from the energy savings achieved. EnergoBit ESCO SA is the company within EnergoBit Group which ensures the energy efficiency projects implementation, covering all the steps involved in the process: identification of the necessary energy saving measures, project financing and implementation, assessment and monitoring of the energy savings achieved and energy management.

Recently, EnergoBit group has been involved in projects based on renewable sources of energy, alongside private investors, as well as energy efficiency projects, dedicated mainly to the public sector in Romania.

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