EnergoBit Fest 2008

Once upon the time, on July 25, 2008… we have all gathered in the Dragons’ Garden to properly celebrate EnergoBit Fest. The fairy landscape has charmed our eyes even from our landing there. The spectacular place is shortly explained on the old plates on the chalet, which tell you, in verses, the story of a rock named.

“Fata Catanii”… the girl who was transformed into a rock after her mother’s curse.
The good cheer and the green grass has quickly come over us all, in spite of the whether, which wanted to emphasize the drama of the legend.
There was a great feast, we have played and danced and everybody partied up to the night. Some have visited the dragons, others have tried their strength in football, paintball, badminton, frisbee, backgammon… just how their heart pleased.

And nobody left before being full, each had as much fun as possible, and as much as their wives let them to.

The most hefty footballers have risen in the evening the “Champion” trophy over their heads, after hard fighting, on an excessively wet field. After CFR 1907 has won the event, “The Killer Marmots” have succeeded to take the Champions Cup!

I left the “hunting” in the end, and I present it as the most successful activity of this year’s EnergoBit Fest. Lots and lots of EnergoBit’s people have fought from light to dawn and everybody won, without any casualties, in spite of the fighters’ fierceness.

Our mates from Jibou, the organizers of EnergoBit Fest 2008 have received this year, in premiere, the “Event Master” trophy, from the “competent authorities”. We thank them once again as we never did before; what happened did happen – and if it had not happened, you would never have heard this story.

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