EnergoBit organizes the first seminar in Cluj-Napoca

Our clients’requirements and needs represent the center of our activity!
At EnergoBit we are opened to share everything we have learned in almost 30 years of activity and, together with our clients, we are committed to find solutions to problems or opportunities in order to improve the performance in electrical installations.
Our company organized the first seminar in Cluj-Napoca and it will expand this concept in the largest cities of the country.
The seminar is organized by EnergoBit within the framework of initiatives which support sustainable investments in increasing energy and energy efficiency produced from renewable sources in Romania.
The main objective is to convince the final consumers, the technical specialists and the financial specialists that sustainable energy projects are possible today, they bring direct and indirect benefits on medium and long term, and the market is able to generate them if everyone involved discuss and put together their good experiences.

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