EnergoBit at Romanian Energy Day 2019

«Before discussing the future of electricity, let’s take a look to the past»

Florin Pop, Deputy General Manager, EnergoBit

During the 8th edition of the Romanian Energy Day, Mr. Pop pointed out three important moments from the past of Romanian energy:

First moment – 1857 – A company intended to find uses for the new form of barely discovered energy: electricity. In which field?  In services, art and possibly industry. Nowadays we cannot imagine any industry without an important contribution of electricity.

Second moment – 1966 – Less than 100 years ago, Romania is proudly placed on the energy map of Europe. The Vidraru Dam, inaugurated that year, with a 220 MW installed and a height of 166m is included in “Top 5 Arch Dams” in Europe. The past generations have proven their professionalism through this project.

Third moment – 2012 – Less than 50 years from Vidraru, the wind farm Fântânele Cogealac is inaugurated in Romania. With an installed capacity of 600 MW, this wind farm was at the time of its inauguration and it is today the largest wind farm in Europe. Our colleagues from EnergoBit have made the entire energy infrastructure from the base of the turbine to the National Energy System. To indicate a single figure, the length of the medium and high voltage cables installed by our company in this project could cover the distance from Cluj Napoca (the city where EnergoBit headquarters are located) in Brussels (over 1700 km).

“How will the future of electricity be like? Today we use the following expressions: Smart, Efficient and Environmentally Friendly. We cannot be sure of what the future brings us, but one thing is certain: young Romanian electricity specialists are ready to face all the challenges and to develop new reference projects. ”



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