EnergoBit supports excellency – Bogdan Ota, for the second time in Cluj

Energobit is pleased to once again, have as a guest the composer and pianist, Bogdan Ota.

The new event, “UNITED”, a sounds, lights and special effects show by Bogdan Ota, shall take place on the 31st of October, at 20.00 o’clock, at the Hungarian Opera House in Cluj.

Over 70 artists in music, ballet and video projections will come together to create an amazing show on the human spiritual connection and the end of the illusion of separation.

It is a show that unveils the necessity to return to essence – love. At the end, the audience will surely ask itself: why is it that the technological progress is so torn apart from the spiritual one, as the two co-exist in an antagonistic rather than in a state of mutual emphasis.

The arts reunite on the same stage with the two orchestras, the Nordic Sonata and the Orchestra of the State Hungarian Opera in Cluj-Napoca, in a thrilling performance, meant to recreate, through beauty and emotion, the profound link that binds the individual souls, beyond any physical, psychological, ethnic, religious or geographic boundary.

On this occasion, the artist’s fan base, in Cluj-Napoca, will have a big surprise, as Bogdan Ota will present, for the first time ever, several compositions that will be part of his next album, alongside the works already included in his first CD, entitled “Day of Wrath” and produced by Electrecord. Bogdan Ota is one of the most renowned names in the modern music industry and one of the fastest growing Romanian artists in the past years. He graduated from the “George Enescu” University of the Arts, in Iasi, and became extremely famous and appreciated worldwide, when he participated in the “Norway Got Talent” show, in 2011, where he had a thundering success.

The opinions expressed by the critics in Romania and abroad:

“And still there are ramparts where the struggle never ends, in which talented artists refuse to give in to the devastating cultural fast-food that mercilessly suffocates the true art. Through his music, Bogdan Ota finds himself in first line of battle” (Sergiu Alex, the author of “Bogdan Ota and the Piano that Brings Heaven Closer”)

Bogdan Ota is a composer in rarefied air.  He moves with a musical deftness and understanding of compositional structure that is not often found. Soaring and emotive themes lay down beside quiet passages as if all were of the same water and moulded together.  Day of Wrath makes one thing very clear: Any discussion about a natural successor to John Williams is incomplete without considering the name of Bogdan Ota” (Wildy Haskell, editor at Wildy’s World and reviewer for Indie-Music.com)

“Some musicians make pop or rock music before ever trying their hand at creating soundtrack compositions. Ota, on the other hand, sounds destined to be a movie music creator. Every one of these recordings seems readymade for film.” (Dan MacIntosh, music critic)

The fans, after the 27th of February 2013’s concert in Cluj:
“Thank you, Bogdan, for making me realise tonight that my soul is capable of going through a variety of emotions, simultaneously… laughing at the same time as being sad and angry, happy and motivated, in love and optimistic, forgiving, and above all… happy to be a part of this land, proud to be Romanian.” (George Dascalu)

“My God, what an amazing concert tonight! Bogdan Alin Ota is incredible… he is able to create such a connection, that I was speechless for the rest of the night… I’ve cried, I’ve lived, I’ve sighed in between plays – as if that was the only time I could breathe… wow… (Maria Bar)

For more details on the artist’s activity, please visit: www.BogdanOta.com

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