EUR 80 000 000

EnergoBit Group is estimating a turnover of 80 millions EUR for year 2007.
After exceeding, in 2006, the 50 millions EUR step, we envisage this year an increase with about 56% of the turnover compared to the last year.
This ascendant trend entitles us to believe we will be one of the winners between the companies from Cluj County, in what turnover is concerned.
In 7 years, starting from 2000, the turnover of our holding has increased with about 73 mil EURO.

Turnover has been continuously increasing starting from the company’s incorporation; the increase was each year considerably higher than the previous one, so that 2000 ends with 6.6 mil EUR, in 2001 7.8 mil EUR, 2002 10.6 mil EUR, 2003 14.2 mil EUR, 2004 23.0 mil EUR, 2005 39.2 mil EUR, 2006 has brought 51.3 mil EUR and 2007 approximately 80.0 mil EUR.

We have all the reasons to believe that the end of 2008 will pass us way over the psychological step of 100 mil EUR, in turnover.

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