The first reclosers in Hungary, supplied and installed by EnergoBit Tavrida

The recloser concept implemented in Hungary has reached the second phase.
The pilot project took place at the end of 2013 when the first phase of installing the two reclosers was completed. The reclosers were manufactured by Tavrida and fitted with the new RC05 control panel.
After the end of the trial period in the early 2016, DSO RWE ELMÜ – ÉMÁSZ decided to continue the project by launching a procurement procedure for 15 reclosures, a procedure won by EnergoBit Tavrida. The actual purchase was made in 2018 and the first 5 equipment have already been installed and integrated into the SCADA DSO RWE ELMÜ – ÉMÁSZ system.
By the end of 2018 17 Tavrida reclosers will be installed and supplied by EnergoBit Tavrida.
Our colleagues presented in detail the concept of the recloser, its description, its functions in distribution networks and the way to connect to the distribution networks of new renewable energy producers: Photovoltaic Parks and Micro-Hydro Plants, in Elektrotechnika magazine.
Our colleagues’ hard work and perseverance lead to a great achievement for our company. Besides the fact that a new country is added in the company portfolio, very good prospects open for new projects that include our equipments.
Thanks and congratulations to all our colleagues involved!

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