Fit for 55 and circular economy Conference

Sustainability starts to generate concrete plans and targets, which are being legislated at the highest level and this is very encouraging. On the other hand, we are facing a considerable gap between the vision and targets for 2030 and the reality in the private business environment.

Companies confront major challenges regarding the impact of their business on the environment and society. A number of mechanisms, knowledge and skills are required in the private sector to fill in the gap between ambitions for 2030 and everyday reality, so that companies will develop, generating thus significant contributions in achieving the goals for a sustainable society.

We are glad that EnergoBit was part in this exceptional event hosted by the Energy, Energy Infrastructure and Mineral Resources Commission, on March 17, 2022 at the Romanian Senate.

The event brought together experts in the energy field, both from the private business environment, as well as representatives of the authorities, addressing key issues regarding Romania’s plans for 2030 in the delicate context we are passing through. The debate was extremely interesting and presented both optimistic perspectives and concerns regarding the fulfillment of the ambitions for 2030. On the guests list, together with important companies from our country, EnergoBit was represented by Mr. Ștefan GADOLA and Mrs. Mihaela COROIU.


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