Migrating Session – Szeged, Hungary

The Electrotechnical Conference organized by Hungarian Electrotechnical Association (MEE) took place in Hungary, in Szeged city, during 14 – 16 september.

The Conference is organized by the Hungarian Electrotechnical Association (MEE) which was found in 1900 and is closely connected to the history and development of Hungarian electrotechnical industry. Approximately 700 participants verify that there is the largest and the most successful conference & exhibition in Hungary.

During this exhibition and conference, Energobit Tavrida presented Tavrida Electric’s Recloser KTR 27kV for the first time in Hungary.
During the Conference, on September 16th, the executive manager of Energobit Tavrida Mr. Weber Zoltan presented the advantages of Tavrida Electric reclosers, using the the following Reliability Indices: SAIDI, SAIFI, MAIFI.
After the presentation the technical representatives from the 3 major electrical distribution companies, which are present on the Hungarian market: E.On Hungary, RWE Hungary and EDF Hungary visited the Energobit Tavrida’s stand.

During this technical meeting Mr. Weber Zoltan together with his colleague Mr. Chis Dumitru had the possibility to present and to describe in detail the main role of the recloser, because at this moment this type of equipment is not presented in the Hungarian networks.

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