New EnergoBit works!

Dear colleagues,

At the end of last year, EnergoBit won projects with a total value of around 200 million lei, which will will be completed in the next three years.

One of the most important contracts in the company's history having a value of around 110 million lei, provides the refurbishment of the 400/110/20 kV Domneşti station, Ilfov County, owned by C.N.T.E.E. Transelectrica. 8 GIS cells of 400 kV, 23 GIS cells of 110 kV, 3 400/110/20 kV 250 MVA autotransformers and 2 110/20 kV 40 MVA transformers will be installed in this project. This work is a reference work on the local market, taking into account the value and complexity of the operations to be carried out.

Another significant contract gained during the same period involves the refurbishment of the 220/110 kV Turnu Severin Est station, Mehedinţi County that has a value of 40 million lei. The beneficiary of this work is also C.N.T.E.E Transelectrica. The main equipment and works to be carried out within this project include the refurbishment of 2 220 kV cells and of 17 GIS 110kV cells as well as the installation of 2 MVA 220/110/20 kV autotransformers.

The works corresponding to these contracts are scheduled to begin this year and must be completed in 2019.

In parallel, two more contracts have been won for the supply of over 2000 distribution transformers to Electrica Distribuţie Transilvania Sud (ETS) and Electrica Distribuţie Muntenia Nord (EMN), the total value being of 46 million lei. The ETS contract also provides the installation of over 1800 MT / JT power transformers, the first 100 being already delivered at the end of last year and installed.

We would like to thank and, at the same time, congratulate our colleagues from the Tendering Commercial Department for the all the activity they carried out in orger to win these important contracts and we wish our colleagues from the Operations Division to continue their work in the same professional way!

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