NEW – Oil-Filled Distribution Transformers – ECO-T Product Range

Thanks to the investments made in the production plants and due to the professionalism and creativity of our designers, today, we are able to offer you our new product range: oil-filled distribution transformers, ECO-T range.

This equipment was manufactured in the newest and most modern transformer production plant in Romania.


The new ECO-T, oil-filled distribution transformer range is based on EnergoBit’s experience in manufacturing electric equipment and comes with the following advantages:
– A complete range of transformers, developed for standard or special projects; EnergoBit is the only Romanian manufacturer of amorphous core transformers (extremely low losses);
– Quality guaranteed, thanks to the state-of-the-art production line and use of the latest manufacturing technology;
– Short delivery time;
– Maintenance services guaranteed throughout the warranty and post-warranty period.

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