Press release – Energolux is marketing a new product

Energolux is marketing, in premiere in Romania, the computerized lighting console Compulite VECTOR RED.

Cluj Napoca – 21st of January 2008 – The computerized lighting control desk, Compulite Vector Red, has been created for use in lighting control.

Energolux announces the launch on the Romanian market of the ultra-performing computerized lighting control desk, Vector Red, designated for theatres, live shows, and television. Merging a modern design with state-of-the-art technology, Vector Red lighting console offers all the sophisticated features you are expecting from a computerized control desk used in high tech, lighting control, plus many other features you have only dreamed of.

Vector Red is equipped with an integrated software pack and improved capability of handling documents. Together with the included software modules, the console is meant to ease your work as much as possible.

It is able to control 4096 classic devices, as well as a combination between them and intelligent floodlights. Its multiple programming / rendering possibilities confers it maximum of flexibility, complying with current requirements in the field. Programming is interactive and intuitive, stage parameters display being performed on three incorporated touch-screen monitors. Driving-control elements are provided with actuators, facilitating thus the work of the lighting technician. Controls for directing the intelligent floodlights can be performed by „trackball”, insuring fast and accurate controls. All programmed data can be stored on different hardware devices: hard disk, memory stick, floppy disk.

Energolux, member of EnergoBit Group, is trading a very wide range of equipment for lighting control as well as lighting fixtures and accessories for indoor lighting (more than 5000 different types of luminous sources). Having various application fields (domestic, industrial, offices, theatres, cinemas, photo-technical use), the lighting fixtures and accessories offered by EnergoLux insure the lighting level control and adjustment in terms of high visual comfort, prolonged lifetime and energy savings. Energolux also benefits of significant experience in performing special design applications which meet all requirements regarding the quality and functionality of indoor lighting systems.

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