SCADA system for Power Distribution

Since 2006, Energobit has developed a SCADA system for monitoring and control of HV and MV distribution network operated by S.C. Electrica Distribution Network Transilvania Nord S.A.


  • This system is based on OASYS DNA application, which provides, through specific interfaces, remote control on EDTN switchgears in real time
  • The implemented system allows direct implementation or through appropriate interfaces of any types of switchgears from distribution networks
  • Thereby, any system development at the “process” level is possible through all the known means: monitoring, retrofitting existing equipment or installing new equipment
  • Furthermore, the initial system was designed to allow full distribution management functions implementation in local systems of the SCADA/DMS packages
  • During 2011, the DMS system was implemented at the Command Center Cluj
  • The DMS System was developed by upgrading the hardware equipment and software of the existing SCADA system at the Cluj Command Centre and by modelling the Cluj MV – LV network in DMS
  • In 2016, a new project was launched in order to update and expand the existent SCADA/DMS system by enhancing the hardware solution and installing the ADMS software
  • The advanced distribution management system (ADMS) is a unique product on the ADMS market, which incorporates all the basic parts: SCADA/DMS/EMS and provides the distribution operator a unique platform for network management
  • The SCADA system includes integrated devices supplied by main equipment producers: SEL, Schneider Electric, Siemens, ABB, GE, etc.


  • Real Time data from
    • > 90 HV/MV Substations
    • > 800 MV Reclosers and remote load disconnectors
    • > 600 MV Substations
  • Communication Protocols
    • IEC61850 client & server
    • IEC60870-5- 104 Master & Slave
    • IEC60870-5- 101 Master & Slave
    • IEC60870-5- 103 Master
    • DNP 3.0 Master & Slave
  • Communication environment
    • Fibre optic network
    • GSM/GPRS network
    • Wireless network
ClientSDEE Transilvania Nord SA
LocationIlie Macelaru 28A, Cluj Napoca, Cluj
Voltage levelHigh and Medium voltage
Year of completion2006-2017

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