Smart and Green Building

Through its design, construction or operation, a Green Building integrates environmentally responsible and resource-efficient processes, and, sometimes, can even create positive impacts, on climate and natural environment.

Ultimately, Green Buildings aim to improve our quality of life. It is one of the concepts which may be implemented in either smart cities or standalone approaches through the:

  • efficient use of utilities such as energy, water and other resources
  • enhanced occupant health protection and improved employee productivity
  • reduction of waste, pollution and environmental degradation

We mainly address to general contractors and are able to deliver them a broad range of technologies and services such as design, installation and commissioning. Some of the solutions and services which we can propose to our customers are:

  • implementation of efficient generation technologies, such as cogeneration/trigeneration systems or renewable electricity sources
  • efficient lighting and control
  • reactive power compensation equipment
  • intelligent centralized heating
  • Building Management Systems (BMS)

Our KNX certified personnel assist customers in selecting and configuring the optimal solutions and integration for BMSs, ensuring efficient building operation and significant cost reductions with utilities.

Reference projects

LED Indoor Lighting for Medlife Grivita
High Efficiency Cogeneration 66kW for Double Tree by Hilton Hotel Cluj

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