Smart Grid

Integrating our technologies for monitoring and controlling electricity networks, EnergoBit converts existing grids into automated, interconnected and fully controlled systems. Our customers achieve a more efficient operational level and ultimately are able to secure sustainable supply of electricity to their end clients.

The Smart Grid concept combines telecommunication networks with software, control equipment and intelligent devices. This enables our customers, electricity Distribution or Transmission System Operators (DSO/TSO) to design and plan the network and reliably use it in the future.

As a unique interlocutor approach, EnergoBit offers the following:

  • Telemetering Systems for Metering Operator and DSO using Smart meters and systems
  • Open architecture SCADA systems for DSOs and TSOs allowing flexible integration of equipment from a broad range of manufacturers
  • Control/Protection Integrated Systems relying on digital relays to achieve increased protection of network operation and extended lifetime
  • Power Quality Monitoring System (PQMS)
  • Syncrophasors Measurements System for TSOs and DSOs enabling seamless connection of distributed generation sources

In addition, we can assist our industrial customers with a broad range of solutions for monitoring, controlling and optimizing their electricity supply. Our Energy Consumption Monitoring Systems are based on the latest IT technologies to increase energy efficiency and reduce operational costs.

Reference projects

Transport Network Monitoring with Phase Measurement Unit for Transelectrica SA

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