The first reclosers in Hungary’s history, supplied and installed by EnergoBit Tavrida

During October 28th and 31st 2013, we completed the first phase in the pilot project of installing the first 2 reclosers in Hungary. The reclosers were manufactured by Tavrida and fitted with the new RC 05 control panel.

Thus, RWE Hungary, located in ÉMÁSZ Region, made its first step in modernising the automation process for the 22 kV-grid distribution. The 2 reclosers were installed on the Károlyfalva-Hollóháza power line, branches Lászlótanya and Kőkapu.

This pilot project started in 2011, when the Energobit Tavrida team, made up of Weber Zoltan and Chis Dumitru, attended for the first time ever the “Migrating Session” in Szeged, an exhibition and conference organised by the Hungarian Electrotechnical Association (MEE Magyar Elektrotechnikai Egyesület). The team highlighted the advantages of this equipment, using the following reliability indices related to the continuity of supply: SAIDI, SAIFI, MAIFI.

The collaboration agreement was concluded in the beginning of 2013, and throughout this year it has been amended to include Tavrida Electric’s proposals on the launch of the new ÉMÁSZ RC 05 control panel, using IEC 104 communication protocol, the new universal support system.

The equipment was delivered in September 2013, followed by 3 training sessions, presentations, technical courses and tests with the RWE ÉMÁSZ specialists.

The pilot project is scheduled to be completed within 1 year.

During this time, RWE ÉMÁSZ will analyse and summarise the reclosers’ utility and together with EnergoBit Tavrida, will prepare the equipment’s technical specifications and begin the approval testing within RWE Hungary.

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