Wonderful things for beautiful souls

Childhood is the heart of every age
– Lucian Blaga

Because we are in June, the month of children from everywhere, we propose you to go back in time and remember our childhood, that period of life in which everything was simple, beautiful, and we were not supposed to do anything, when our parents did for us everything we wanted, and we were staying all day long out with friends and playing.

In everyday life, for some children, this period of life is rather dark and full of shortcomings. On our initiative to do good deeds, on June 1 st we thought of these children, those innocent souls who are just waiting to be loved. Somewhere, in a village not far from Cluj-Napoca, we found them, the children from the Oglinda Kindergarten. Here, the 60 souls "forgotten" by the world are learning to become great and good people. The educators there represent for many of the children the maternal figure that they no longer have. The meeting with the little ones was an exciting one and full of lessons. Maybe we should not forget that happiness lies in simple things. With the help of each one of you, we managed to bring some of the necessary things to the little ones, bringing them a lot of joy in their souls and smiles on their faces. Once again, we have shown that little by little we can gather a lot for the less fortunate of us!

Good deeds are available to everyone and spread much joy.

In the same line, our colleagues in the Bucharest branch managed to bring a ray of light into the life of the 28 children and 6 mothers from the social settlement Sfinții Arhangheli Mihail and Gavriil, from Slobozia Commune, Giurgiu County. Here, under the gentle and generous protection of Father Valentin Ștefan and of Mrs. Veronica Ștefan, these helpless souls found shelter, support and education. In this safe heaven, they are all surrounded by love and helped to start their lives from the beginning. Impressed by their story, our colleagues in Bucharest have contributed with donations to make their days better.

We want to thank all of you, for the sake of engaging in these wonderful actions. We have shown that together we can do wonderful things. Our gesture brought smiles on the face of children who are beautiful both on the inside and on the outside. We are firmly convinced that such actions will not be singular and that in the future we will be at least as joyous, open and involved to do good deeds!

June was another good opportunity to remember that we are big-hearted people!
Happy Birthday to all children!

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