10.000 Lighting Appliances Installed in Cluj-Napoca

In 14th of October 2010, the Austrian company Elin GMBH & Co KG from Vienna, in partnership with EnergoBit and EnergoBit Schreder, and with the support of the City Hall of Cluj-Napoca, marked the achievement of a round number as to the works that have been carried out in Cluj-Napoca for the past three years. In other words, between September 2007 and September 2010 no less than 10.000 lighting appliances have been installed in Cluj-Napoca!

The project has entailed the replacement of over 8000 lighting appliances and old mounting arms, 2000 lighting appliances for extensions, covering 556 streets from Cluj-Napoca in all, with 27 areas, crossed by alleys and streets, being located in residential neighborhoods.

The result is as expected, namely a lighting system that meets the European parameters. The lighting and electrical projects, together with actual works, have been entirely carried out by EnergoBit and EnergoBit Schreder, while Elin has been responsible with the project management.

This comprehensive and ambitious project has been designed to limit light pollution, by way of lighting projects adapted to each street and use of efficient appliances. It resulted in efficient lighting, with low emission, and with annual electricity savings of 1.511 MWh! The duration of the new lighting system is 30 years, and the guarantees are assured over a 4-year period – meaning 16 thousand operating hours, the same as the duration of the lighting appliances.

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