EnergoBit – Partner of ZF POWER SUMMIT 2018, the 7th Edition

2020—The Next Zero Energy Year. How Well Prepared Is the System After More than 100 Years of Tradition?

“I believe 2018 should be the year when we take some fundamental decisions. We’ve been talking for a long time now about major investment projects, but maybe it’s high time we decided the type of projects we strive toward”, stated Mrs. Carmen Neagu.

Between 19 and 20 February 2018, EnergoBit attended the 7th Edition of the ZF Power Summit, organised by Ziarul Financiar. This year’s theme was: ‘2020—The Next Zero Net Energy Year. How Well Prepared Is the System After More than 100 Years of Tradition?’

This summit, one of the most important events in the energy sector, took place over the course of two days and gathered more than 30 speakers, most being the CEOs of the largest players on the Romanian energy market. Under the aegis of the general summit theme, each day was organised around a different topic, namely: Day 1 – ‘Transitioning toward a new energy system: How will the new solutions collaborate with the major projects to reduce energy poverty?’, and Day 2 – ‘Step into the future: Energy storing, prosumers, SolarCoin and the Black Sea gas. How will all these change the face of energy in Romania?’

EnergoBit was represented by Mrs Carmen Neagu, who attended the summit as a speaker in panel 3, during Day 1: ‘Which of the major energy projects, listings or new investments will begin this year?’, alongside Mr Cosmin Ghita, CEO of Nuclearelectrica; Mr Bogdan Nicolae Badea, Chairman of the Directorate at Hidroelectrica; Mrs Corina Popescu, Chairwoman of the Directorate at Transelectrica; Mr Sorin Boza General Director of Complexul Energetic Oltenia; Mr Corneliu Bodea, General Director of The Romanian Energy Centre, Mr Claudiu Cretu, special administrator of ELCEN; Mr Gheorghe Piperea, judicial administrator of RADET; Mr Radu Mustata, Sales Director at Marsh Romania.

In her speech, Mrs Carmen Neagu announced that 2018 should be the year of important decisions concerning the actual completion of investments in the energy sector, and suggested the possibility of opting for more flexible, less “megalomaniac” projects.

Furthermore, Mrs Neagu emphasised the fact that Romania is a member of the European Union and therefore is required to adhere to, and uphold the European technological and quality standards, as well as to focus its efforts into finalising the National Energy Efficiency Action Plan.

ZF Power Summit, held annually by Ziarul Financiar, is a benchmark event in the energy sector, which gathers some of the most powerful companies in the energy, oil and gas industry, as well as special guests, the best of the best when it comes to specialists, authorities and decision makers, and EnergoBit stands alongside it, as a time-honoured partner.

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